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Famous Comic Strip Dog Names

Cartoon dogs are found in many forms. There’s Snoopy, the spotted beagle who serves as the pet of Charlie Brown in the Peanuts strip. There’s the lovable Astro of The Jetsons. There’s Copper, the hunting dog in Disney’s One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

There’s also Marmaduke, a dog who lives with the Winslow family and gets involved in lots of dog capers. And then there’s the lovable Duke from the computer animated film Up.


A comic strip is a sequence of drawings that tell a humorous story. It usually features dialogue printed in balloons. The term is also used for a group of such strips together in a newspaper or comic book.

Dogs have played a large role in the world of comic strips. They aren’t just sidekicks, but have taken center stage in their own right. In the past century, they have been portrayed in both animated TV and film.

One of the most recognizable dogs in cartoons is Ruff, the loyal companion of Dennis the Menace. He is a Cairn Terrier who has been part of the comic since 1968.

Another famous comic strip dog is Spot, the pampered pup of Rugrats star Pickles. He was a popular choice among young kids who were reading the series in the 1990s.


Snoopy, the black-and-white beagle who stars in the Peanuts comic strip, is perhaps one of the most famous dogs in history. He has been a fixture in the strip since 1950, and he has appeared in numerous films and television specials as well.

When not chasing sticks or napping in his doghouse, Snoopy often uses his imagination to fantasize about being a world-famous author, an ace fighter pilot, or simply “Joe Cool.” These fantasy activities are part of the appeal of the character, who is also known for his unwavering loyalty and affection for Charlie Brown.

A running gag within the strip is that Snoopy is a genuinely happy dog, and his happiness is contagious. In fact, he sometimes does a happy dance, which annoys Lucy because she doesn’t think anyone can be as happy as Snoopy. Snoopy is so beloved that he is one of the most famous pets in history, and many people own a replica of his doghouse.


Marmaduke is a large dog who became an icon in the newspaper comic strip. The character was also the subject of two feature films. The dog is a Great Dane, which are a giant breed of dogs. They are considered to be gentle giants and make good family pets with proper training, socialization, and care.

The comic strip followed the Winslow family and their pet Great Dane, Marmaduke. The cartoon was created by Brad Anderson in 1954 and ran until 2015. He drew the strip with help from Phil Leeming and Dorothy Leeming and later his son Paul, who took over after Anderson died in 2015.

The comic strip has been collected into 25 books and is syndicated through Andrews McMeel Syndication. The strip has garnered a loyal fan base and is popular among dog owners. In addition, the movie starring Owen Wilson as Marmaduke has been well received by viewers.


Mike is the faithful canine companion of George, Judy, Jane and Elroy Jetson. He is highly spirited and ambitious, always trying to impress his master, Doggie Daddy. He is sometimes frustrated by the raccoons that thwart his plans.

Fans of comedy geared toward adults might opt for a name such as Brian, Stewie’s literature-loving barking buddy from Family Guy or Bruno, the Bloodhound that temporarily transformed into a footman to allow Cinderella to attend the ball in the 1950 Disney movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Other comic strip dogs with movie-star status include Fifi the Pekingese who was Pluto’s girlfriend in early Mickey Mouse cartoons, Gigdet the perky Pomeranian from the Disney animated feature Lady and the Tramp, or tough tail-wagger Gondo from Wes Anderson’s stop motion film Isle of Dogs.

Another popular choice is the sassy black-and-white bull terrier named Fred Basset from the long-running comic strip Blondie. Fans of the wacky crime-solving TV show BoJack Horseman may want to honor the clever canine detective Mumbly.

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